Zosterops lateralis

Lucy Wilks


A pilgrimage has taken to a wood

my saunterer, idling in the warmth I sit

upon a rock and wait.  It’s for the good

naught moves but breath, it is a canvas lit

of expectation.  Leaf and stem will waft

the echoes of my stillness, readying

for colloquy; their parties know as soft

its fond, auspicious mantra.  Wants now wing

the air with small arrivals, one by one

a little, feathered hallelujah lands

to glean and forage.  Shadows render dun

their plumage, then the sun with gold commands

each flank to velvet buff, they blush from spry

and olive coverts.  Silver rings my eye.


Lucy Wilks was born in Melbourne in 1960.  Her poems have appeared in Verse, Meanjin, Southerly, Otoliths, Rabbit and Cordite.

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