Luke Beesley


Hopper aqua aqueduct innocent and messy in his lunch, Lynch wipes

the plane down with a squash ball and a toaster in it we see Braque’s fast-

idiousness. No better Braque in the idea of it breaking, so to speak, “Braque

Braque!” A cup of Hopper, pony! Show boats! In antiquity – spittle Hokusai-

like displaced underarms each morning – the surface of the canvas – paint-

erly rinsed eye of blue Hopper, string, emotive Dennis Hopper in earnest.

This afternoon he was caught in the untrimmed bush, puppy-dogged out

of obsolescence and barked. There was no train but the thought of rain.

No flesh like it. Thurs of a Thursday was the technique, all the way through

 to the early 21st C.


Luke Beesley is a Melbourne-based poet. His third and fourth poetry collections, New Works on Paper (2013) and Jam Sticky Vision (2015), are published by Giramondo.


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