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Walking man

by Anne Elvey

Brenda Saunders


He walked this country with the eye

of a newcomer, showed us how to see

close up, take in the sweep of distance,

the shimmer on a paddock in drought.

Leaves us his long shadow striding

the slope, the sun always at his back.

I read, follow his footsteps, listen

to the accented lilt, the rise and fall

of  his words, notes in a vast sound-scape.

He contemplates the notion of fire

loss and renewal, how a land left bare

flickers still under the seeming emptiness.

He stretches an image on a line

in a walking meditation across the page.


Brenda Saunders wrote “Walking man” as a tribute to Martin as a teacher/poet. She was in his poetry class at University of Technology Sydney in 2005.

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