Plumwood Mountain Volume 1 Number 1


Anne Elvey


Alice Allan

The native word was rind

Glenn Bach

Field Trip with Acid Rain

Mary Cresswell

from Wild Succession

Louise Crisp

Il Fiume Accanto alla Citta

Massimo D’Arcangelo

Freckled Ducks

Brett Dionysius

Being Puggle

Ross Donlon

The Cat

Lucy Dougan

Music, or a kangaroo chats about chastity

Michael Farrell

Ant Language

Linda France

Wings Lifting that Fall

James Grabill

from Sparrow

Matthew Hall

Learning on the Line

Phillip Hall

‘The Queerest Shop in Sydney’

Kristin Hannaford


Philip Harvey


Susan Hawthorne

Tower Hide, Strumpshaw Fen

Matt Howard


Patrick Jones

take names from places

Kit Kelen

Arch the Apartness/\Proffering Trees 3(Pollard)

Peter Larkin


Tim Lilburn

Unexpected Fall

Rose Lucas

If the earth was

Jennifer Mackenzie


Brian Purcell

‘Let my words be bright with animals’

Susan Richardson


Andrew Sant

Thirty-fourth Material Confession

Tim Shaner

Let Loose

Leah Shelleda

Hold open the sky

Sasha Shtargot

The Budawangs

Dorothy Swoope

Eeda’s monkey aria

Patricia Sykes


Rob Wallis


Meredith Wattison

Boxing Day Poem

Sarah Wreford

Book Reviews


Rose Lucas, “Into black air”: Darkness and its Possibilities in the Poetry of Jane Kenyon
Articles are anonymously peer reviewed.

Spotlight: Road Kill: Performance for 25 Passing Vehicles by John Reid

© Copyright of individual poems, art works, articles and reviews remains with the contributors 2014.

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