(untitled #3)

Dan Disney


we made pleasure our guide, an ideal

excitement amid the pedants and perfection of delicate elders

in the heirloom of boredom’s salon


we found a savage torpor

habit gratifying those masters of rustic conversation, who expressed their birthright

while we made their pleasure our guide, an ideal


divination for self-abandoning minds

playing parlour games with the lower harmonies of scholars sharing trademarks

in the heirloom of boredom’s salon


the enragements egalitarian, law and benediction

rational as museums and causing intolerable disgust, we were (necessarily)

made for pleasure, guided toward an ideal


facsimile of elegance, the vanities of gentlemen

cadent in oversmiling and transfigurative language, commonly violent

in the heirloom of boredom’s salon


operative manners are a shortcut to rank

while nature germinates huge forms, visible companions within our empire of gourmands

pleasure is our guide, an ideal

in the heirloom of boredom’s salon



William Wordsworth, ‘Preface to Lyrical Ballads’

vs Pierre Bourdieu, ‘Cultural Pedigree’


Dan Disney teaches in the Literature program at Sogang University (Seoul). This year, his critical writing appears in Orbis Litterarum and Axon; translations appear in World Literature Today; book reviews appear in Antipodes and Verse; poems appear in The Warwick Review and Postcolonial Text. He is completing a book of villanelles.

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