(untitled #2)

Dan Disney


there are pictures to look at, books to read, the gods indifferent

to our assemblage of gardens detaining monsters

and being cheerful helps  lost men cast virgin light into shapes of tradition

across nude vectors of architecture there are  books to read, pictures to consult, techniques

for naming thought treading experimentally into communal form, a

metamorphosis of seized by want and being cheerful helps

the imperatives of music shift across flesh, we are disorderly inside the old

regions of the sacred hardly astonishing as plants

fructifying the myth of ourselves, a jurisdiction of pictures to look at and books

on the indecent principles of being cheerful helps



Alain Badiou, ‘Philosophy and Art’

vs John Cage, ‘Lecture on Something’


Dan Disney teaches in the Literature program at Sogang University (Seoul). This year, his critical writing appears in Orbis Litterarum and Axon; translations appear in World Literature Today; book reviews appear in Antipodes and Verse; poems appear in The Warwick Review and Postcolonial Text. He is completing a book of villanelles.

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