Two Poems

Rory Green

creatures of the in-between

like sea foam / scattered over
moss log / a faint glow
paints the forest floor /
then now i am / in or of you /
chew leaf / carcass / and

otherwise unitary ontologies /
disassemblage engines blaze
rhizomorphic possibilities /

shed dark words / for
ghost flesh / the soft
spore mass / make
spells of shelter / death / resurrection soil

rhizome lyric

A rhizomatic network diagram, loosely resembling a human heart, where dotted lines link these single-word nodes: cave, sentence, find, voices, doubt, hold, water, cloud, flashes, land, need, name.

Rory Green is a writer, editor and digital media artist living on Gadigal land. Their work has appeared in Australian Poetry Anthology, Cordite Poetry Review and Running Dog among others.

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