Two green parrots

Anne M. Carson


Two green parrots wing across a granite sky.

Grief and hope together again, as close as

fingers on a hand, feathers on a wing.


They don’t fly straight as arrows do into

a standing target, they are not ammunition

fired out of the sky’s dark mouth. They dip


and rise, weaving sinew and delight into

strands of effortless grace, calling as they go.

What do humans know of the calls of birds?


But it sounds like liquid pleasure, it sounds

like they laugh and make merry against

the backdrop of the approaching storm.


Anne M. Carson’s first full-length collection, Removing the Kimono, was published by Hybrid Publishers in 2013.  She has won and been commended in numerous poetry prizes including being long-listed in the inaugural Canberra University Vice Chancellor’s Prize. In 2014 she established the SecondBite Poetry Prize. As a Creative Writing Therapist she has edited three books. She teaches Poetry Writing and Appreciation to adults.

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