Thylacine Song

Toby Fitch


(after Edwin Morgan)



Rrrrooww ggrrr? Schna schna


Naabuluwrre … naaaawrrrrruuu rup,

Karrr krraaff Cugh cugh ccrrrrruUGH

Yup yap YAWP! Yiiip yup riiiilclclclck:



Orh-ooohr robrobro r r r r r r r hobhub brhub

Iiiiiinng eng ung ung ung gnaaah—

erMMMmmm, errrmmmm


Croh! nro, uvruv ruv—ljo ljo?

Crugh, brup … hhhhhhhhhhhha, norrr—



Uuggh schnuff ugh.


Toby Fitch is poetry editor for Overland. His books include Rawshock, which won the Grace Leven Prize for Poetry 2012, Jerilderies and, most recently, The Bloomin’ Notions of Other & Beau. He lives in Sydney where he also works as a bookseller and a teacher.

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