The Contentions

Les Wicks


Anticipation of spring is like the flopsy fingers

left to mischief,

fantasy that folds our time.


This cut weather.

We rest on pillows amidst a flurry of bird wars – a

channel-billed cuckoo, that itinerant other

is hunting for a magpies’ ruin their

eggs supplanted by size & rancour. But

we people belong, don’t we? Turning poems. Immobility

& its dainty flowers,

wealthy in sequester.


For me, hurry would be surrender,

smokehouse resistance

will wash away the foundation

that June built with such bluster.

Victory is certain

so we snuggle

in tinder.


Les Wicks’ 11th book of poetry is Sea of Heartbeak (Unexpected Resilience) (Puncher & Wattmann, 2013). Wicks has been a guest at most of Australia’s literary festivals, toured widely and been published in over 300 newspapers, anthologies and magazines across 20 countries in 11 languages. He runs Meuse press, which focuses on poetry outreach projects.

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