take names from places

Kit Kelen




the light that sits on the water

the sky belonging to these lungs


these connect the dark


the finger pointing

has itself to say

this touching for far

all one of a kind

seen in the said


a bell

which days will chime

a bowl to pass


ring hill tumbled

timbered in cast off rays

slant hours


in bed imagined

the cartwheel comes to its rest

that’s us asleep

so blessed




possums climb down

from the stars

through these branches


steps further

made of not a thing

get roots deep with

secret dark down


something will be lost with me

that’s the sacred thing


like leaves of late summer prepared to fall


or a child absconding


a cloud come clean


the foreignness of every language

gets the tongue



sun say

or moon come round

its several ways

and always facing us


homes of objects so delicate

they show the gentleness required

to which we all are strangers


Kit Kelen’s next volume of poems Scavenger’s Season will be published by Puncher and Wattman in 2014. Kelen’s ‘Shed’ won the local award in the Newcastle Poetry Prize for 2013.

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