Sutherland station (notes for poems)

Jake Goetz


Every machine will gradually take on this patina and lose its identity in its function.

– Wind, Sand and Stars, Antoine de Saint-Exupery




a comparison


the government’s stance

on asylum seekers

could be best explained

in the way roll-your-own smokers

are smarter than tailored

purely because of the Aussie facts

on Tally-Ho packs, e.g.


The hottest Australian day in

history was in Oodnadatta,

South Australia. On the 2nd of

January 1960. It was 50.7C.


with anti-natural                                    Enhance your                                                 you

beauty injections            OR                  natural beauty             OR          beauty (!) inject

Enhance                                                    with anti-wrinkle                        with ant       ink

your wrinkle.                                            injections.                                       o (!) (w ink) .




‘how to get lost in                   ’


go to                 ’s

central station

and turn left then right

then left usw.

detail the walk




8202     Fury     Fury     SHORTY     RIGS     Ryos     Pacific National …

54 carriages of coal

something about

‘a run-away economy’




I forgot about it from time to time; only when

my teacher came into the classroom and put

the composition books down on the desk without

a word, I was afraid he had found out about it,

and the whole world would find out about it.

As a rule, I was the first he called up when the

composition books were distributed, and I had

to go out in front of the class …




how poetry passes the time –

a Dionysian app – the aim?

one must be absolutely modern

in an ad for tic-tacs:

Do you chew?




move to Spain

get a job and enjoy

tapas y cerveza   after this

lose one’s self to travel

head to Tarifa   look over

the Mediterranean

at the mountains of Morocco

sitting in a summer mist




write something short

and meditative about

the winter morning

i smoked a Marlboro gold in Incheon

staring at the clean

empty streets




… the only one who had made no mistakes.

1 worker hammers, 4 workers watch

( ‘… Coniston, Dapto, Unanderra …’ )

She died the same summer and …

a baby cries, conductor whistles

… I forgot about it, as you forget water

you drank somewhere when you were thirsty.


Jake Goetz is a writer from Sydney. His poetry has most recently appeared in Cordite, Rabbit, Otoliths and is forthcoming in Southerly. In 2016 he completed a manuscript of poems through the ASA’s Emerging Writers mentorship program.

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