Sunrise Andaman Sea

Tony Page


5 am still dark motorbike dew

night’s nectar no one awake


speed sheer round curves

mangroves to the right


limestone on the left

stretching north enigma


questions the opal air

eyes hungry for light


hide in excess of orchids

trespass the garden


hope no one hears

reach shore of content


hint of breeze furrows

the water with tropic code


here I sink into sand

dawn front row seat


sunrise of the secret

this time revealed or not


Tony Page is a Melbourne poet, whose third book Gateway to the Sphinx (Five Islands) appeared in 2004. For 20 years, he worked in Thailand and Malaysia, but now lives in Australia. He has also written for the stage, with Who Killed Caravaggio?  completed in 2009. Recently published in Eureka Street, The Australian Poetry Journal, The Canberra Times, Right On, Peril and Otoliths, he is now finalising a fourth collection of poetry.

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