Summer evening at the lake

Rose Lucas

In the long gloaming of a slow
hot day   when the dense green of the woods
sigh with exertion    fogging the air

you move easily into the lake’s silken
embrace     the relief of tannin-dark water
that strokes    enveloping heat

hands moving forward   you turn    and turn
a lavender sky     dark overhang of branches
shadows falling on a rippled surface

the voices of your friends    fading
as you dive   the sweetness of a body in water
its cold currents    its secret murmurings

and the gentle rise    a glide
of skin     through coolness
sipping        at the sudden dark of night

Rose Lucas is a Melbourne poet and academic at Victoria University. Her first collection, Even in the Dark won the Mary Gilmore Award. Her most recent publications are This Shuttered Eye (2021) and collaborative project with visual artist Sharon Monagle, 2020 Shelter in Place (2021). Her collection, Increments of the Everyday is forthcoming with Puncher and Wattman in 2022. She is Senior Editor at Liquid Amber Press.

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