Scott Creek, a Day in July

Janet Jiahui Wu

all moon, lichen, fern, stone, coal
all noon day, joy, lulu, hello
all wood, dead, live, wet, dry, woes
all wove, waves, burs, bonds, bones
my eyes looned, ears longed, hands took
leaf left mark on the cap of one
heart sheds weight of the death of one
joint, white gum, pink gum shook off rain
fell blooms, wood nymphs, lean bees
I laughed, mad, vain, wild straw hairs
all gloom, dark, vile, wounds, gone
world goes bad, I let it be—

Janet Jiahui Wu is a nonbinary Hong-Kongese-Chinese-Australian visual artist and writer of poetry and fiction. She has published in various literary magazines big and small. She currently lives in South Australia with two sassy fat cats, Puss (in boots) & Pablo (Neruda). She acknowledges and pays respect to the Kaurna people and their elders past, present and future.

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