Poets speaking up to Adani – Bonny Cassidy




In the pan your gravels crashing hatched their prize—

a brindle rush to hump my veins and fever up the leaf

that twisted in our fields. The guilt was white, my soul a sieve.

It boomed with bull to see the dust an avenue of spin—

and my brickhouse hazy as a reef, its aura built to scale.

I seemed to tap its skin.

Birth was the pits but this is mine. Rabbits swimming to shake my mitts.






A conveyor belt reaping into action, cries


rubbish rocks rubbish rocks


breaks up floodlight, its flesh

a stingray covered, uncovered.


Pandanus leans

magic, enters the bulldozer


its tyres dissolve


as from the rocks and rubbish

the camera conveys


one kid

naked and furiously sweeping

a path through reeds, pandanus




by the trucks and manganese

at her feet.


The old men spin like tyres covered, uncovered.


It’s the sixties, then it isn’t.



Bonny Cassidy


From Chatelaine (Giramondo, 2017). ‘DIG’ was first published in Blackbox Manifold Issue 14. ‘Nightwork’ was first published in Cordite Poetry Review Issue 44.





Photos in collage from: CSIRO CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0) via Wikimedia Commons

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