Poets speak up to Adani – Day of Action

These poems were posted as part of an online day of action at Plumwood Mountain journal on 30 October 2017.

Poet Poem titles
Linda Stevenson Adani Coal Mine Approved and Great Barrier
John Hawke South East
Claire Gaskin Constancy
B R Dionysius Black-Throated Finch
Alex Skovron From A Concise History of the Moon:
Bonny Cassidy DIG and Nightwork
Anthony Lawrence Open & Cut
Anne Buchanan-Stuart tarred cracks
Garth Madsen COAL

Ovid, ‘The Creation of Man’ translated and read by Garth Madsen

Jennifer Compton Octopus Speaking
Michael Farrell Hamlet In The Mind Of A Country Schoolteacher
Judith Beveridge Waterlily Pond
Kevin Brophy Visitor
Jennifer Mackenzie from New Energy
Robert Adamson Empty Your Eyes
Margaret Bradstock And now the Reef
Jennifer Maiden Adani
Susan Fealy How to Dive in Kelp Forest
Caroline Williamson Coal Mines, from Cap Coch
Anne M Carson with Julian Bailey Stop Adani
Caitlin Maling Recommendations for a Western Australian Coastal Pastoral
Rose Lucas Lake Mungo Series
Patricia Sykes focal geology (2)
E A Gleeson ADANI Be Gone. ADANI Move on!
Stuart Cooke To be a Cat Curled
Tricia Dearborn [6] Carbon and The waiting earth
Anne Elvey Earth Interview in the Anthropocene
Kristin Hannaford Coral not Coal
Siobhan Hodge Mining Tax
Susan Hawthorne armour against Adani
Phillip Hall Royalty
Kit Kelen Adani was a jolly old king, and a jolly old king was he
Jill Jones Hope For Whole
Michael Aiken The Eater of Worlds
Michelle Cahill 2030, Adani, a Retrospective
Richard James Allen Study for an untitled landscape
Pete Spence Untitled
Dan Disney The unspeakables
Michele Seminara Building a Happy Nation
Jonathan Dunk Hymn to the Commodity-fetish
Jennifer Harrison Fairy Floss
Judith Rodriguez LINES OF GALILEE
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