Poetry of a Bottlebrush

EA Gleeson


Come October. The bright flush

streaks nature strips. Vivid blobs

dot neighbourhoods. Dazzling blooms

take me back thirty years to you,

harnessed in your pusher, face upturned,

eyes focussed on streets of flitting trees,

branches buzzing, oozing pollen, dripping

clusters of red, bright as blood.


Grabbing at a branch, you held

the filaments of colour so gently

it might have been a small creature.

Stamens stroked your palm, brushed

your cheek. A red bottlebrush

calling us to witness – a callistemon

and a child demonstrating the value

of show don’t tell.



EA Gleeson is currently working on two projects: a poetry collection based on the experience of Estonian people during WWII and a memoir of her sister. She has published three collections of poetry with Interactive Press and presented her work in Ireland, Estonia, the USA and most states of Australia. www.eagleeson.com.au

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