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From: Vol.07 N.02 – Writing in the Pause


by Anne Elvey

[wpvideo 0JdIW9x1]

foot     fall     asphalt                                                                        Porosities

of crust     add     to the complex

resonance of       morning       A walking

track    Sound assembles

foot     fall     asphalt                                                                                      as

waves     that reach to     ear

with multiple vibrations of     air

& echo

foot     fall    


asphalt                                                                 over chambers of

ground      A welding of      bless &


foot     fall    

concrete                                                            The hum now     is

almost open     to histories

holstered by warning



fall     long grass                                                         Fox

traps     wait     amid

reeds     where swamp     hides

water birds     except

for two chestnut teals

whose        wing        beats          answer

an approach



fall     wet grass                                                                       Trees

are choired      From their lofts

ravens     always in my sister’s voice


foot     fall    

concrete                                                                   Harder to hear     are

remnants     of those engineers

who      go on bending world

to will     without     consent

foot     fall     asphalt

Studied     each step     gathers

to its timbre     the un-

even tremor of     today

foot      fall      ftt     fll      ft fl   ft f

Published: October 2020
Anne Elvey

lives and works on BoonWurrung Country in Seaford, a bayside suburb of Melbourne (Naarm). She is outgoing managing editor of Plumwood Mountain journal. Her recent poetry publications include On arrivals of breath (Poetica Christi, 2019) and White on White (Cordite Books, 2018). Obligations of Voice is forthcoming from Recent Work Press in 2021. Anne holds honorary appointments at Monash University and University of Divinity, Melbourne.

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