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From: Vol.06 N.02 – Intersecting Energies

sraM naM

by Patricia Sykes

at home with

only Earth language

in his tongue


though his astronaut gravity

would rather talk Mars


206 million ks at perihelion!

(mantra, mantra!)


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


updrafts of wishful,

purpose, dearth,


light-years speeding past


+ — + — + — + — +  — +  — +  —


while lifespan dwindles in pursuit


⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫  ⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫  ⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫⟫

flight of the im/possible


his childhood porthole tree

soaring in remembered

deciduous height


⥣ ⥣ ⥣ ⥣ ⥣ ⥣ ⥣ ⥣ ⥣ ⥣ ⥣ ⥣


his permanently fleshed limbs

too much an anchor


O Mars, red torment,

beloved orbital


free of junked Earth!




O                       O




waking, sleeping, incessantly


oh yeah!

Published: July 2019
Patricia Sykes

is a poet and librettist. Her collaborations with composer Liza Lim have been performed in Australia, the UK, Germany, Moscow, Paris and New York. Her most recent collection is Among the Gone of It, English/Chinese, Flying Island Books, 2017. A song cycle based on her collection The Abbotsord Mysteries premiered in May 2019.

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