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From: Vol.10 N.01 – The Transformative Now


by Jules Vasquez
Thinking how 
at the age of five 
I insisted on sitting on the 
floor of the kitchen with a 
pair of the good scissors 
pilfered from 
my mother’s sewing project 
cutting the soda can plastic 
wrapped in those mystical rings 
apart into safer pieces of dread 
that night dreaming 
of a sea of decapitated turtles
flying in the heatwave air 
thousands in formation 
only one trailing 
a veil of bloodstained plastic shreds 
not so unlike the war cloak 
of some ancient fearsome and unnamed king 
his torn mantle stained and glorious stretched behind him
even dead 
unable to fall 
Published: June 2023
Jules Vasquez

is proudly nonbinary, queer, and an abuse survivor thriving with a mood disorder. Their first novel, Plague City, won the Kenneth Patchen Award for the Innovative Novel from the Journal of Experimental Fiction in 2019. They are head editor of HockSpitSlurp (on hiatus, not forever). Their chapbooks include Fallout, Saints and Dirty Pictures (little m press, 2009) and Yet Wave (the Lune, 2017). They co-authored No Titles in the Bounds and The Smoke Bar with Leslie D. Soule, forthcoming with Nat+1; and co-authored a short play Waiting for Samuel Beckett with Leslie D. Soule, forthcoming with Shipwrecked Press. Their artwork features on the cover of Plague City and has served as album covers. They enjoy cheap takeout, drone/noise/industrial music, B-rated gangster and horror flicks, and long walks off short piers.

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