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From: Vol.05 N.01 – Stick in a Thumb and Pull out a Plum: Poetry and Comsumption

Orange or none

by Leah Muddle

Who still has their ribcage? Who can nurse an icecream?
Who has any of their own tupperware
– none.

Who tried and botched their ampersands, again and again? Who’s pulled out their shoeboxes? Who is weak to a curb-side chair? Who sees it as sticks? Whose hexagons are all honeycomb? Whose are those shoes? Accept your face. Might as well or why not? Which is the most miserable utterance? Which fetches the higher price? Who feels their own edges? Who is first to start queuing? Who shouts and who doesn’t? Who thinks that stimulant plus relaxant equals nil? Who feels like a clarinet and tiptoes? Who also likes to say ‘benign’ and ‘crumble’ and ‘Sally Tomato’? Dog and hose and dove. Have you woven a thing?

Who can say why that sound sustains me – is breath and heartbeat? Who has said, I am a good egg. Who is over easy? Who is lucky to be lucky? Who can spare one? Who can stop at one? Who can one one one all the way to the bank? Who sees their partner’s thighs as a cake holder? Is your partner your humility? Where does a flare start? Have you finished? Did the bough buckle and when? Did you ever have a better time than when bent over the cosmos, collecting fodder? Do you remember how quiet? Meeting the ground for the zillionth and first time. Who means what by ice? Now it seems ridiculous like all past crushes. Who likes others to create them? Who makes a self out of chip bags and an artichoke? Who can describe their artwork
– none?

Who drops a sheet over everything? Whose animal has obscured their thinking? Who needs food when there is sound? Who poured wine on their animal? Whose sandwiches are under the bed? Who has cupped fruit in their skirt? Who can live off colour? Who can live off genuine verbal declarations? Who captures butter under their nails? Who wakes up with sore foot pads? In dreams you walk for hours, listening and assiduous. The pencil rolled down the hill towards you. The X(YZ) rolled down the hill straight to you and you dodged it. You wielded the ABC like plastic cutlery.

Who keeps their skin and then what? Who is a passive sleepy lizard? What were people before? What were people now created by? Definitively, what are the symptoms of computer use? The chips are what I needed. Is this for keeps? Your ears are most certainly channels. Lean forward like a long-bellied man because you’re done. Who could sleep in an aviary? Who admires sociability? Who brought the dolmades? Who dolls out the pastilles? Who has less money than last time they checked? Who started without you? The sage appears to thrive but could be tasteless. Who still likes the weeds? Who knows to pat the earth? Who fasts? Who ducked the low branch? (Who lopped it off?)

Published: January 2018
Leah Muddle

is a Melbourne-based writer and illustrator. Recent works have been published in Cordite, Meniscus online journal and Rabbit.

An Australian and international
journal of ecopoetry and ecopoetics.

Plumwood Mountain Journal is created on the unceded lands of the Gadigal and Wangal people of the Eora Nation. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and to elders past, present and future. We also acknowledge all traditional custodians of the lands this journal reaches.