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From: Vol.02 N.01 – Otherkind

On being taken there

by Anne M. Carson

Anything can take you there –

today it is the clip clop percussion


of horses’ hooves as they strike

bitumen. The sounds ring out


resplendent, a melody the horse

makes from the marriage between


pastern, cannon bones

and ground. Not just the resonant


clang of metal striking metal

but all the grace of gallop


and canter is there embryonic

in the sound and its tattooed rhythm.


The symphony which plays

when horse gathers musculature


and will to thunder across pasture,

to flash equine into the world.

Published: January 2015
Anne M. Carson

has been published in Australia, USA and France. Her first collection, Removing the Kimono, was published by Hybrid Publishers in 2013. In 2014 she was longlisted in the Canberra University Vice-Chancellor’s Poetry Prize. As a Creative Writing Therapist she has edited three books. She teaches Poetry Writing and Appreciation to adults.

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