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From: Vol.07 N.02 – Writing in the Pause

Lorikeet Inducement

by Michael Farrell

As the wise woman said there was a path to the left which

Seemed to swallow any who strayed in that direction and I

Was bored enough to try being swallowed just once letting

Myself be tugged along over the railway line by joggers

Clearly I was no longer in Fitzroy Gardens with its seductive

Lovers of fish and pelican and fairies and founding fathers

I read I am near Jolimont Station I read I’m in Yarra Park

Being ignorant and innocent of East Melbourne generally


Especially this particular segment which seems to veer

Towards Richmond I resist making superficial commentary

Until it ripens upon research or in other words can we know

What constitutes the sky when we know nothing of what’s

Buried alive beneath our feet I might have felt a spot of rain

Let’s say it was yesterday and today the streets are wet

Mynahs chirrup at emerging worms but turtledoves say

Nothing I only hear human voices when they’re querulous


Crow humour or philosophy makes it through the walls in

These gardens there are less phone calls being made more

Dogs being introduced there seems no possibility of meeting

Someone new unless you have a creature on a lead and then

Anything can happen but I wanted to be more interested in

Trees of all ages than in single men of few there’s no division

Between the prosaic and the poetic when it comes to elms

Gums and figs however ruined by pollarding or possum


Consumption well now I am making myself informed

Through reading about the Park or making assumptions of

Correspondence between it and other parks nearby as you can

Deduce I am no longer walking past the cars of furtive

Couples their hands full of Maccas or making routes between

The clumps of human-canine assemblage but am rather rooted

Listening to lorikeets in light ecstatic mode some tweet some

Eat then they swap places I don’t hear anything against them

Published: October 2020
Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell’s recent books are Family Trees (Giramondo), and the tribute anthology Ashbery Mode (TinFish). Since 2016, Michael has edited 11 issues of Flash Cove, designed by Wendy Cooper; as well as collaborating on the song ‘On The Border’, with Jimmy Hawk.

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