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lightened spokes

Dusk Dundler


Voice deep out thru kitchen window into watery garden, while his same voice speaks wiry from my laptop – layered, a few lines of poem over the other & rain tup tup atop tin

– dispersing Harrison’s voice …

From a deft Summer – announcing the moment of parable perception as “six white plastic recliners articulating full stretches of imaginary bodies”, the parable becomes exactitude, on more then negative space, or the passing between spaces but held effect and espec affect of creation. Holding a nucleus / while spinning (of course) black holes of great teaching. Layer upon layer, “and how will it end?” / time held to the flying chords of Music.

To grab you – churn yr insides. Know the drill, past expectations -beyond what you may claim from yrself anew, from just taking him in. Went to the auditorium – didn’t know going to see him. Could’ve been in anticipation whole hour – him singing post-modern hymn readying for crossing …

Year later reach in poetry class – elevated intellect returned – holding us in action wrapped in subliminal “act of attention”. Drawing necessary figures, delivering each path onward. Capacity of intellect measured by openness.

Some time close – momentous leap. A gathering of apt arrangement. Like having a golden bear extricate itself from the wilderness and recline framed – Cafe Niagara colours arrow back to grey drizzle world. Met – agreeing with life decision Martin’s arranging – knowing he’s right even tho I may not make it.

Dreams of lonely lit valleys with forest depth and dingoes taken in. Letter to Martin from creek-bank, with a hoodwink at vision, “of what can not be taught unless felt deeply and freely thankyou and the feeling of our … “

Bello filtrates natural elegance of the man. Festival – alive as breathing. Warmth of causality held in this space. As group celebration in the sharing of planting seed. Hitched a lift but was not allowed to record us. Trying to hold onto the list of books to read. But more startling wish to continue -shuttle of light curling language form containing us down highway – to continue, yes.

Two Naughty Chooks – that’s what it’s called – yes i found it – did you? very well then good – good – yes / major formations of interest / the land is opening us – carved temperance to perception. Ecological resonance – recognising the readiness & receiving Living Things

Till wandering again into Sappho night – like twinkle shift – eyes holding riffs – found and re-found, shuffle intro sequential wandering like handing out magic cards. After introductions to others he trails off on us all …

Influenced by readings of the critiques by Peter Riley, “Poetry Notes: Martin Harrison”, and Stuart Cooke, “Liminal Narratives”, .


Dusk Dundler counted Martin as a mentor after studying under him at University of Technology Sydney. Dusk has produced documentaries for Radio National, and been published in the Griffith Review. Dusk’s poetry is published in Overland and The Prague Revue. He was short-listed for the 2012 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize.

Published: September 2015

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