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From: Vol.08 N.01 – Embodied Belonging: Towards an Ecopoetic Lyric

Late Summer Crescent Moon

by Alicia Sometimes

Ukulele sounds swing their way over by early evening
landing on the back deck. Stirred joy of rainbow lorikeets

perch by circle mirrors on the side wall—portholes
into garden oceans reflecting bright flecks of flight

mosaics in the shifting air. You, with a wide-brimmed hat
carving the bamboo as it encroaches upon the lost barbeque

halting for a second to drink a long iced-tea as the sun fades
then eating the plums and camembert on your ornate plate

I venture inside to grab a cool cloth to wipe your forehead
as the crow makes a fuss just because the dog is at his bowl

Patting your brow, you gesture at the broken twigs, evidence
of the brushtail possum living above the frayed trampoline

two slaters, Roley Poleys, dark grey and oval-shaped move
burrowing in the potato peels I put down earlier. These earthy

crustaceans are so small, the temptation to flick them is strong
but I don’t. Snails slide by them in the leaf litter and fungi

their trails—thin threads bridging over to shaded logs
This backyard needs its own encyclopaedia as I trace steps

of all guests. Magpies show off their études—lyrical timbre
of voice echoing across the street into neighbours’ yards

their song not disturbing the skink who was sunbathing
on concrete—his sleek reflexes put on hold while he stirs

Next door, the serene Satin Bowerbird with its purple eyes
gathering seed-pods, string, matchboxes, all to make a home

This side, the magnolia with its large, glossy leaves is towering
—existing well before bees, relying on beetles for pollination

graceful giants outlasting most. Someone close, on their own
partying, raising a glass to the sliver of moon. You join in

lifting your tea cup in empathy—a silent pact with the night
as the overhanging branches frame the buzzing expanse of stars

Published: November 2021
Alicia Sometimes

is a writer and broadcaster. She has performed her spoken word and poetry at many venues, festivals and events around the world. She is director and co-writer of the science-poetry planetarium shows, Elemental and Particle/Wave. Her TedxUQ talk in 2019 was about combining art with science.

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