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From: Vol.04 N.02 – What are the animals saying?

Lagoon Crossing

by Nicole Sellers

Old Bob nods, still here mate, long guard duty

You can almost see his arm reach, thumb nudge the air

Listen, bones below, fish carcass, them she-oak, birds on top

Hear this white heron sploosh up from down deep

See him flap from this magic corner

See, twenty-eight black swans sail way out, four coming in, thirteen waiting

Look here, sugar ants in this track


I see, Bob, I see, you say


Spirit of another old friend streaks up, tight, silent

Fox-like in the redolent scrub

This one you knew in the flesh, but not as well as you should have

Don’t settle now, keep moving now, look ahead now, don’t settle, straight ahead

He says soft as rain hitting your feet

A diving kookaburra flashes bright belly-feathers

Glides spear-straight out in front


You bristle, inhale, follow

Published: July 2017
Nicole Sellers

is a Newcastle naturopath and writer. Her work has appeared in Silver Cord, Emerald Egg, Crossroads, International Light and Spiral Nature.

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journal of ecopoetry and ecopoetics.

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