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From: Vol.05 N.02 – Make It So


by Marian De Saxe

This is no flash flower,

this unfolding page of text

a starfish all at sea in hard print.


Botanists call this stranger

a carrion. Its odour is unpleasant,

designed for blowflies,


not us, a tie of demand that hurts.

Glabrous, all it can do is embellish,

in an almost ordered way.


I am reminded of stacked boxes

in a factory, kilometres, all neat,

uniform, profit-making,


the stacker immiserated,

immersed in a flight of thought

against the clock.


There is another way.


In the patch this stapelia

extends a firm, scrawny arm

clutching a closed envelope

like a secret.


Only one flap of the corolla is open.

Try measure the day by how many words it takes

to float the chrysalis

An Australian and international
journal of ecopoetry and ecopoetics.

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