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From: Vol.07 N.01 – Plant Poetics

Given Trees Their Other Side of Nature

by Peter Larkin



Stunt to spare surfaces like a local norm, won’t dress the given shadow     let nature’s other side take to the etiolation, its converse universal network until sheer plant filament stretches inclusion to its outright


As a fox will fathom a forest from fierce fastenings, as such already within paddings of horizon, exposure to no further insistence     drag-marks haven’t shifted but transfer alliance, motion of what needed to prove it probed



trees are plants
to the event, other-
flanked without
derision, coastal
where it drains on
infinite distance

ask trees for their
as birds take off
from leaf before branch,
the immediate quake



Multiscalar then gusted onto the shell of trees     woodland mesh unruffled by what it doesn’t have (what it hardened) being what it does     stagnant but lignant enough to connect to gift reserve


Arboreal disposition (prevalent woodland) doesn’t need to disparage other sides of gift (little grafted as such) since no prime materials are simply for loan




Greennesses facing semi-soluble flow, blanker side tidal only at the roots     while leaves surge up their summit pools, woodland precipice


No expense of reserve that couldn’t arise nakedly as world     a leaf garners any counter-slide until naturals by gift breathe their one other side



pale periphery
in trust of
prominent tree,
one other spring
set back

porously relays
through a
brittle filter its



Trees alive, resolves well past their parkland     only such fugitive bands might have thinned enough     nature’s further side a rail to its adjunct once again


Overtaking green with unseen array and hold     nature reserves its lessers for a rarer take which won’t be slighted, the weather-side of gift




A wood’s gone trailing coned from root     unspurned but waiting for its nether face among the post-naturals


Riven from trees their nature’s other speed, unhesitant root     where a spinney troops to communion, heavy with not yet ventured calluses



nature’s rind
lifts off

or a collision
of pine opens
like a cone
missing its

routines of
gift owing
the new hand-
icap of prayer,
lenient to
leaf among the
bending co-


Blurted slipways unbinding but slackening differentially through forest     against such trunkage ontological invasion is double-sanded, root-rubble provided


Rucks raggedly across the other side of nature     porous externals in poorer folds deprived of any provisional opposition to gift

Published: March 2020
Peter Larkin

Peter Larkin’s collections of poetry include Trees Before Abstinent Ground (2019), Introgression Latewood (2017), and Give Forest Its Next Portent (2014) . He contributed to The Ground Aslant: an Anthology of Radical Landscape Poetry, ed. Harriet Tarlo (2011).

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