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From: Vol.04 N.01 – Where to feel now

Emergent Habits: Nearest Dress Far Over Trees (extract)

by Peter Larkin

emergency is the having become

prayerful, bowers

its abrasive screening

of the weakest acute


continual emergence of

lineage, seep of forest,

poverties strong with life

which trees amplify

and redress, learn the garb

out of this much


not zigzagging litter

off a tree apportioning

the cull of feature

but rooted in a call legacy:

tangent replacement still not

absorbance’s effacement


sighs of emergent spares

unmuffled (prayers) by foliage,

shiver a post-saturate

symbolic, shielding direct

arrived as it out-

dressed the clearing


irreducible unseverable,

horizons disparate in hold

briefly centred at the

return-margin’s cover


nested emergent threshold

needs be tested, a modality

of symbolic interference


emergency rough-out

gives a further turn

through any inhaled habit,

selectivity re-tempers

its own projection (pro-

jettison) of texture


realm fitfully decoupled

but repercussant     as in

urgent ephemeral prayer

sustained in recess,

orbital skein of wander-

ing long the winding


a shared upframe over

the world’s enter forest,

began to co-flank

its shadings


particles misapplied

give to history its

canopies of revocation,

narrative detracts under

a welter of para-event


a host of trans-thoughts lend a species to prayer, no generals except shy incommensurate relata     supervenient, hyper-primitive     all too privative unless encoating the excess     dresses it in a poverty of unconditional access, escorting prayer along its meta-palpables


seed-scale according to

a tarnish of leaf-scarf:

dual-phase emergence,

refine the removals and

relayer the growth


a caritas among the

not-yet transformed,

interacts a whole al-

ready with its missing

parts, now emergence

inhabits lesser-towards


press no subfunction

but adjacent verticality,

prayer’s addressable

lattice slant-gained:

this leaf-coating is not

imitative register


how forests think forward

their banking on shelter,

any lumpen whole is the

greeter of the located

scum of its parts:

something else is redress

for a nothing but


branches already in being

hang over our opening, a

paucity sensing controvertibles

between closures of becoming:

hard encounter will promote

corrugated symbol


the dependency gives its

minute impact declaration,

set to a roof unachieved-re-

coverable: by which our

self-organisings are other-

prayered, screened



let emergence be a wholescale

revision of the earth’s crust,

tuft of air sought in

tail of leaf, winged against

unlatticed retorts of roof


is not a plate of

existence but a surface

in service of all other

covers, such layering

a horizon hovers for

Published: January 2017
Peter Larkin

Peter Larkin’s poetry explores the idea of scarcity in its phenomenological aspects.  Previous collections of poetry include Lessways Least Scarce Among (2012), and Give Forest Its Next Portent (2014).  He contributed to The Ground Aslant: an Anthology of Radical Landscape Poetry, ed. Harriet Tarlo (2011). City Trappings (Housing Heath or Wood) was published in 2016.

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