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From: Vol.05 N.01 – Stick in a Thumb and Pull out a Plum: Poetry and Comsumption

Chronicle of the Ongoing Ruins

by Peter Lach-Newinsky

After Basho. I’m against


he replied


Inside Out. now kids have so many options

why would they ever go outside


Burnout. if we colonise other solar systems

we could survive longer than our sun

perhaps another 100 trillion years

when all stars begin burning out


Kant. she makes

the valid point

that it’s even harder

to become famous

for nothing


Girt. Australia abounds

with informed enthusiasts

who can replay

with commentary

the battles of Kapyong or Long Tan


Like. whenever she came over

she’d be like where are the cameras?

you guys are a reality show


Viral. was Sabrina Harman really smiling

over the dead body in Abu Ghraib

or was it a ‘just say cheese’ smile?


Good Riddance. what we conceive of

as ‘time’

might one day



Girt 2.  Australia is a breeding ground

for bikini-ready DJs

of, um, indeterminate talent


Intertext. one can only wonder

if the entire caboodle

of our universe is not

the outburst of some

gigantic extra-cosmic

writerly imagination


Adorno. how can we possibly be expected

to keep track of all these people

& their exact position on the spectrum

from ‘real’ to ‘celebrity’


Noumenon.  thousands of migratory birds

died after apparently mistaking

a car park & other areas

of southern Utah for water


Différence.  it also enables the person to believe

they are making a difference

reversing global warming

saving the whales when

all they are doing is

eating a salad sandwich


Eclipse.  where would Ray-Ban sunglasses

Kresta blinds Banana Boat &

the paintings of Claude Monet

be without sunlight


Outside In. now kids have so many options

why would they ever go outside


After Ikkyu. I’m against


he replied

Published: January 2018
Peter Lach-Newinsky

Peter Lach-Newinsky’s three poetry books are Cut a Long Story Short (Puncher & Wattmann 2014), Requiem (Picaro Press New Work 2012) and The Post-Man Letters & Other Poems (Picaro Press New Work 2010). He has won the Varuna-Picaro Publishing Prize (2009), the Melbourne Poets Union International Poetry Prize (2009 and 2010), the Vera Newsom Poetry Prize (2012) and been runner-up in the Val Vallis Award and the Shoalhaven Poetry Award. He has been twice shortlisted for the Newcastle Prize. Peter lives with his wife Barbara in Bundanoon in the southern highlands of New South Wales. Their 20 acre working property is designed along permaculture lines and includes 120 heritage apple varieties.

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