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From: Vol.07 N.02 – Writing in the Pause


by Robin Tremblay-McGaw

bird night.          areola.           a little beer.

of something                  metallic

seamed    shocked                                            ringing

a week of rush:

dresses on CindeRear in my feed

Derrida’s “death wanders between letters”


desire responds to commodity

in the beginning was the mouth

Flaubert’s perfect capsule

the interval is what is

day of the farmers market

day of grading

day of walking

day of bleeding

day of take-out

small joys

of plummet

of the beauty of the word grisaille

day of losses around us

pepper spray

day of A’s birth

day of knees

of ends seen forthcoming

of the very thick

day of the delayed


of this breach        the present

of ricordanze

day of awash

of re-opening

of dialectical reasoning


structured here

day of antimonies

and entropy

of more confederate and other racist

day of manifest disparities

of latent narratives

of the flight of white-throated swifts

of the migration of images

of country convulsed

day of artificial  confirmation

of breaks in temporal unity

of monuments fallen

of ardent circling

day of scattered phenomena

of autonomous free and temporary

day of reparations

day of over & over

day of     any  way

of rubber bullets

day of the gospel’s account

of fossils

of tear gas & milk

of christ’s ultima verba

of impurity

day of an irregular galaxy

of the revenances

of I am lost unto this world

day of slack channels

of exam wrappers

of the death of social forms

day of Bruce’s the universe is a joy machine for itself

day of brugmansia solanaceae, night blooming

day of desiring and rebuffing

of cloud and

of calmness

day of observation

day of would she and anyone

day of aufblitz

of unseasonable rains

of finches and parrots

of the skies above

of the threshold

newly painted

the day

of nightshade


of mundus in gutta

of M80 booms

of desire according to minutiae

of the interval

of the body is not an apology

of being thus

Published: October 2020
Robin Tremblay-McGaw

lives in San Francisco where lately the skies have been rust and yellow with the smoke of myriad fires. She teaches at Santa Clara University and is the author of Dear Reader (Ithuriel’s Spear 2015) and co-author with Rob Halpern of  From Our Hearts to Yours: New Narrative as Contemporary Practice (2017). Her writing has appeared in Tripwire, MELUS, Aufgabe, Crayon, On Contemporary Practice, Elderly Magazine, Feminist Spaces 2.2, Places Journal, and elsewhere.

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