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From: Vol.10 N.01 – The Transformative Now

a good run –

by Brent Cantwell
I just can’t believe you think you are way out   		             there
sustaining the last gasp of a bush-
a kangaroo track 
working hard to burn twice as fast
thinking your muscles 
– that old-thrill industry –
will clag 
a way –
your way –
on –
even from the other side of the valley I can see you are the track, the broken line 
of the track 
– right now! – 

but you think you are out		            there
a pace
in a place
thinking the broken line belongs to you –
you –
because you broke it into pieces
into GPS co-ordinates
fence lines
on piston-fists pumping
on oxygenated blood feeding a brain 
forward –

and from the other side of the valley I am tense about the future –
I am tense about the endorphin-push of progress –
that this easy-amnesia now 
will forget to track
the body 
its feet –
and you will forget –
you will stack-it
spine –
a spine sustaining our pace      – impossible –       a place out 		        there 
and when you get back –
done –
half a charged calf 
of sun-light 
left –
you will say 
on the broken 
of a breath
from the lungs 
of the world,
I had a good run 
out there
Published: June 2023
Brent Cantwell

lives with his family in the hinterland of Queensland’s Gold Coast. He teaches high school English and has been writing for pleasure for 24 years. He has recently been published in Australian Poetry Journal, Poetry NZ, Landfall, Takahe, and Foam e. He is looking forward to his first poetry collection, Tether, being published by Recent Work Press in 2023.

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