Plumwood Mountain Volume 8 Number 1

Embodied Belonging

Towards an Ecopoetic Lyric


Edited by Sophie Finlay
In the bright Parthenon of the heart

Jenny Pollak

Stefanie Kirby
Body Reclamation

Stefanie Kirby
Space is Blue in Being

Jill Jones
The Sky Is The Great Entrance

Jill Jones
Summer evening at the lake

Rose Lucas

Brenda Saunders
Invasion Species

Gaele Sobott
The Deciduous Quartet

Jane Downing

Betty Johnston
Edge, Hold

Stuart Cooke
Edwardsia ivelli

Veronica Fibisan
An optimist at heart

Kristen Lang
The always and never returning

Kristen Lang
Fogg Dam

Jacqui Malins
i dance a spotted gum

Nicole Rain Sellers
Excerpt from ‘At Kamay’

Jake Goetz
The Levadeiro

Willo Drummond
Before I Have Time to Grieve

King Llanza
Pluviophile, Meet the Observer

King Llanza
Seasons Through the Kitchen Window

Jax Bulstrode
Late Summer Crescent Moon

Field Notes on Rain

Rachael Mead
Poem Digesting a Poem

Rachael Mead
Anatomy of a Lemon

Magdalena Ball
Scott Creek, a Day in July

Janet Jiahui Wu

Jane Frank

Lorelei Bacht

Dani Netherclift
Two Poems

Rory Green
Before, After, Enduring

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Sea Ice Breakup, From Erebus’ Summit



Leone Gabrielle
Black Saturday

Sam Morley

Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn
The Angel of the Forest has a Migraine 

Beth Spencer

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