Plumwood Mountain Volume 7 Number 1

Editorial: Plant Poetics

John Charles Ryan


Ceremony of Love

Jaime Luis Huenún

Translated by Cynthia Steele

Waraburra and Wattle

Anita Patel

Rose Interior

Tracy Ryan

Translation of a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke

[Touching each other they think themselves old]

Julia Anastasia Pelosi-Thorpe

Translation of a poem by Maria Borio

One to a Vase

Peter Ramm

Poetry of a Bottlebrush

E A Gleeson


Ron Wilkins


Marybeth Holleman

Idiot fruit

Carl Walsh


Glen Phillips

Silky Oak

Vanessa Page

Black Boys

Brenda Saunders

Le deuil, … or what the Spinifex tells Orpheus

Michelle Cahill

Floral Organs (A history of fire)

Sophie Finlay


Jane Gibian

Three songs to rain, translated by a kōwhai tree

Susan Wardell


Basma Kavanagh

Signals in the Wild

Magdalena Ball

Quaking Aspens, Utah

Penelope Layland

The Trees

Stuart Cooke

The spin of leaves

Kristen Lang

Theories of Crown Shyness

Debbie Lim 

Orchidean Footholds

Ben Walter

Banksia serrata

Vanessa Page

God’s Prophet

Catherine Wright

Iwerre Atherre/Two Roads

Barry McDonald

Plant Riddle #3

Carolyn Masel


Michael Leach


Veronica Fibisan


Tracy Ryan

Call me Rose Dorothea. I prefer the word / for the thing to the thing itself.

Stuart Barnes

feral green marketing

Mark Roberts

not all invasions

Magdalena Ball

summer time

Tim Heffernan


Tracy Ryan

Given Trees Their Other Side of Nature

Peter Larkin

Scarlet Runner Rhapsody Villanelle [a variation]

John Kinsella


Articles and Essays


Warwick Mules, ‘Nobody’s Voice: to hear what is unheard as a pressing task for poetics today

John Charles Ryan, ‘Wild Yam Dreaming: The Phytopoetics of Emily Kame Kngwarreye


Pantea Armanfar, ‘Life of a Sundew or Sundew of a Life’.

All essays published in this issue have been peer reviewed. We are grateful to the anonymous peer reviewers.

Book Review

John Charles Ryan reviews The Bones of My Grandfather by Esthela Calderón

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