Plumwood Mountain Volume 6 Number 2

Editorial: Intersecting Energies

Anne Elvey


Emily Munro-Harrison


Ryan Prehn

The Earth Responds As It Does

Magan Magan

Bin nights

Lian Low

They Abandon Mother 

Monica Jasmine Karo

Darkinjung Burning

Luke Patterson

Inland Sea

Brenda Saunders

The Last Safe Habitat

Craig Santos Perez

Mangroves, or a treatise on ecological inheritance

Gavin Yuan Gao

Line Dry

Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo

A Sonnet at the Edge of the Reef

Craig Santos Perez

Unguided Meditation

Jill Jones

The Climate

Jennifer Mackenzie


Frances Presley

Mount Elephant

Rose Lucas

At Sea

Anne Casey

Local amnesia

Emilie Collyer

Bolbol, captive

Hessom Razavi

The Weather

Heather Taylor Johnson

Excerpt from PLAN B AUDIO

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

science communication

Michaela Keeble

sraM naM

Patricia Sykes

Horseshoe Bay

Rachael Mead

Ode to Earth

Shari Kocher

Upgrade to Everything

Angela Gardner

Because the River Freezes

Madeleine Dale

antinatalism in the anthropocene

Dženana Vucic

Collage poem #55 (you’re what it’s all about)

Nick Chłopicki

All the trees

Susan Wardell

the will of trees

Alana Kelsall


Catherine Trundle


Photo Essay

‘CLIMATE GUARDIANS: A Snapshot’ by Deborah Hart and Melissa Corbett


Sarah Balkin reports on Not Now, Not Ever by Lara Stevens

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