Plumwood Mountain Volume 5 Number 2


Bonny Cassidy

Thought from a Motorbike in Heavy Rain in Ciumbuleuit

Reneé Pettitt-Schipp

Elegy for Microplastic
Jack Bastock

Allan Lake

Making Inroads, Two Voices

Helen Moore

hibiscus synthesis

Maria Sledmere

A River

Giles Goodland

Iron Rain

Les Wicks


Annette Skade

The Gulf

Chantelle Mitchell

you, your light

Mitch Cave

Late World, Humid

Stuart Cooke


Rory Green

Ganesha Lost to View

Jennifer Mackenzie

Smashing it all to pieces and bringing it all back

Georgina Woods


Kate Middleton


Adam Stokell

in remembrance of disappearing towns 3. camberwell

Claire Albrecht

If the phone rings don’t answer it

Magdalena Ball

The Tree I Call Tiger

Elizabeth Tyson-Doneley

Those that at a distance resemble flies

Aden Rolfe


Giles Goodland


Les Wicks


Judy Annear

Notes on a Sunday night before sleeping

Shari Kocher


Marian De Saxe

Articles and Essays

‘The Trumpian Nil’ by Meredith Wattison

‘When the Whales Left’ by Daniel Helman

Photo Essay

‘In the Open: collaborative artworks around place, landscape and environment’ by Judith Tucker and Harriet Tarlo


‘Crossing borders: Caitlin Maling in conversation with Amy Lin’

Book Reviews

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