Plumwood Mountain Volume 4 Number 2

What are the Animals Saying?

Editorial introduction

Stuart Cooke

On the threshold of the hive

Alice Allan

Queer Seaweed: Oeuvre on the desires and inclinations of Basin Head’s Chondrus crispus

Alix Villanueva

Troway Honey Trail

Andrew Jeffrey

animals; difficulty of explaining these*

Anne Stuart

The Fox and the Hare

Anthony Lawrence

White-browed Babbler

B R Dionysius

 Bass Rock

Cameo Marlatt


Cameo Marlatt


Chloë Callistemon

Bird Song

Damen O’Brien

Notes from the abdomens of bees

Jayne Fenton Keane


Jennifer Kornberger

A Composing with Birds

Jill Jones

Coffin Bay

J V Birch

loxidonta africana (teaching me to die)

Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis

Nectar (from Providence Ponds)

Louise Crisp

Clown Loach

Lucas Smith


Luke Beesley

Not wanting to go to work, I wait to get on the train to take me to work

Michael Aiken

The Snake

Michael Farrell

Lagoon Crossing

Nicole Sellers

Gudanji Old Moon Curlew

Phillip Hall

Sky Country

Phillip Hall

Sulpur-crested Cookatoos

Simon Patton

Przewalski’s Pelts

Siobhan Hodge


Susan Richardson


Toby Fitch

Thylacine Song

Toby Fitch

Book Reviews


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