Plumwood Mountain Volume 4 Number 1


Harriet Tarlo

a complex number

Mark Young

A Peacock Sweeping

Meredith Wattison

Buckley’s Lake (Monaro) and Miwany (Yam)

Louise Crisp

Concerto in C Flat Major

Veronica Fibisan

Counter Café

Amy Evans

Emergent Habits: Nearest Dress Far Over Trees (extract)

Peter Larkin

from “Mississippi”

Ann Fisher-Wirth and Maude Schuyler Clay

from “SOUND((ING))S”

Amy Evans


Natalie Joelle

Hafez 491

Mario Petrucci

Halibut’s Eye and glass

Susan Richardson


Caitlin Stobie

Man and Law

Dave Drayton

Mimesis / Nemesis

Helen Moore

On Stone

Giles Goodland

Otway Fire Mother

Julie Maclean

Out to Inner Farne

Andrew Jeffrey

Rondeau in January

Katelyn Kenderish

Song of the Wandering Cat

Stuart Cooke

Sutherland Station (notes for poems)

Jake Goetz

The Huon Highway

Mike Ladd

The Lungfish’s Refusal, Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco

Lucas Smith

Three Poems

Susan Tichy

Typography of terra infirma …

Frances Presley

Where Our and Reprise

Toby Davidson

[Hard to know where to feel now]

Dan Eltringham

Photo Essay

pressed specimens” by Moya Costello


Talking to a Stranger: Decolonising the Australian ‘Landscape’ Poem” by Bonny Cassidy

The Songs of Others: Contemporary Poetics and the More-than-human” by Stuart Cooke

On Social Poetry after Kenneth Goldsmith” by Robert Wood


Chinese Puzzle in Seven Pieces” by Lesley Synge

Language and the World” by Robert Wood

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