Plumwood Mountain Volume 3 Number 2

Decolonisation and Geopoethics


Peter Minter


Meredith Wattison

Beyond the immediacy of things

Renee Pettitt-Schipp

It takes time for clouds to cross the sky

Renee Pettitt-Schipp

the sky is on fire

Scott-Patrick Mitchell

and the rivers run with antibodies

Julie Maclean

‘spatial concretions’ or ‘demappings’

John Kinsella

Manna Wattle Pushes to Thrive Despite Macro and Micro Global Aggressions

John Kinsella

Ringneck Parrots Flock Where Snakes Sleep: Passing by Wyening Mission

John Kinsella

My Wings, My Excesses

Jill Jones 

South East

John Hawke

Turtle Camp

Phillip Hall

Reel to Real

Dennis Garvey

Terrania Creek Fantasia

Charles Freyberg

What The Land

Michael Farrell

bury night

Dusk Dundler


Dave Drayton


Dave Drayton

Brown Booby

B. R. Dionysius

Lord Howe Island Phasmid, Land Lobster

B. R. Dionysius

Blood on the Water

Yvonne Deering

Kanangra Rd, and Sand Slug

Louise Crisp

Cactus Spoke

Hannah Clinton

Morning Light

Hannah Clinton

The Phantom Trees

Margaret Bradstock

 Vanua Levu Island, Fiji

Margaret Bradstock

The Watershed

Chris Armstrong

Quarter Acre

Alice Allan

Articles and Essays

A Shared Poetics” by Michael Farrell

Lionel Fogarty’s Literary Criticism after the Postcolony” by Corey Wakeling

Book Reviews

In this issue articles are peer reviewed by the guest editor.

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