Plumwood Mountain Volume 3 Number 1


Tricia Dearborn

View from a distant porthole

Louise Steer

from Travelling

B. R. Dionysius

Route sketched on a map, as if walking

Susan Tichy


Julie Maclean

We have the song, so we have the land

Phillip Hall


Julie Maclean

Black Rock Desert

Anders Villani

from “at Ålvik”, Day thirty-five: Under the weather

Kit Kelen

Dangar Island

Les Wicks

Byron Bay

Mark Roberts


Betty Johnston

Reading the frog economy

P. S. Cottier

When the bees came

Heather Taylor Johnson

Ant Familias

Meera Atkinson

Self-portrait as a case of stick insects (Phasmatodea)

Linda France


Allis Hamilton

Big time

John Upton

Currawong soundscape

James R. Harrison

Black-eared cuckoo

Meera Atkinson

Ornamental snake

B. R. Dionysius

The inevitable snow and the wayward possum

Dorothea Lasky and R. D. Wood

Elegy for a tree

Anne M. Carson

Desert pea

Kathryn Fry


Allan Lake

Watching the Perseids with Sue

Linda France

We started when

Gabrielle Higgins

Small change

Gina Mercer

The muddied path

Kathryn Fry

Vessel III

Alison Flett

Book Reviews

Articles and Essays

“Adapted for land—a lungfish writes the sea” by Brook Emery

“Cultivating Ecological Perception: Creativity within Undergraduate Explorations of Human Ecology and Ecological Agriculture” by Ben Gleeson

“On Suburbanism’s Open Matrix: birds in poetry of Jean Kent, Dorothy Porter and other Australian poetry” by R. D. Wood

Spotlight: The Great Barrier Reef

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