Plumwood Mountain Volume 2 Number 1


Anne Elvey


Jordie Albiston


Judith Rodriguez


B. R. Dionysius

Great White Shark

Rachael Mead


John Leonard

Bird. The Meta Is A Perching Bird

Michael Farrell

Ardeotis Australis ## 1 & 2 — The Australian Bustard

Kristin Hannaford

Zosterops lateralis

Lucy Wilks

Nonhuman Practitioner Breaks with Light Verse

Michael Farrell

Stump, trunk and can

Bonny Cassidy

Perigean Spring Tide Arrives in Yagoona

Kent MacCarter

from Distant Landscapes 1

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

The Contentions

Les Wicks

I exited bamboo,

Michael Aiken


Toby Fitch


Toby Fitch



The Rabbit Catcher

Stuart Barnes and Michele Seminara

‘If a lion could speak, we could not understand him’ – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Susan Richardson

Last Rites

James Walton

in the suppositions of where food comes from

Geraldine Burrowes


Andrew Jeffrey

Brigalow: an extinct pastoral

B. R. Dionysius

minor manifesto

Kit Kelen

Climbing the Tree

Earl Livings

What Isaac Newton Saw

Rose Lucas

gravity unbraided

Susan Hawthorne

Anxious Itinerant

Patricia Sykes

The Shimmering Snake Slide

Harriett Johnston

gem stones

Booroloola Poetry Club

Kakadu billabong in Yegge, cool weather time

Lyn Hatherly

Sunrise Andaman Sea

Tony Page

On being taken there

Anne M. Carson


Nicola Themistes

Autumn Garden

Diane Fahey

The Proper of the Season

Wendy Fleming

Book Reviews

Articles and Essays

“This Furred Place – the Woolfs’ anthropomorphism, bunnies in people suits and the zoomorphic other –” by Meredith Wattison

Review essay

“Seeing the Forest for the White Beech Tree: Germaine Greer and Ecofeminism” by Lara Stevens

Photo Essays and Galleries

“Bird Members of Our Community”: A Photo Essay by Rhonda Poholke

“Haiku and Senryu from India” by Matt Hetherington

“Autumn in Étampes”: Words and Images by Marissa Ker


“Poetry does not tamper with the world, but moves it” (William Carlos Williams): A Q&A with Ann Fisher-Wirth


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