Perigean Spring Tide Arrives in Yagoona

Kent MacCarter


‘It is an era dominated by industry, in which the right to make a dollar at whatever cost is seldom challenged.’ – Silent Spring


lost, Rachel Louise Carson

squinched a face of fish

a young woman          the other

day asked

me          are there any

states in America

that have

a Maccas?                 yo


I hear bagpipes? [convincingly

pulling off a Utah]

I asked


she grilled          tattooed out upon the oval

tomato of a dusk


the outside tenor drone

the both of us

agitants          our sudds of spit

speedometres of what’s bitesize

a Christmastime             of pesticide


Kent MacCarter is a writer and editor in Castlemaine, with his wife and son. He’s the author of three poetry collections – In the Hungry Middle of Here (Transit Lounge, 2009), Ribosome Spreadsheet (Picaro, 2011) and Sputnik’s Cousin (Transit Lounge, 2014). He is also editor of Joyful Strains: Making Australia Home (Affirm Press, 2013), a non-fiction collection of diasporic memoir. MacCarter is active in Melbourne PEN. He is Managing Editor of Cordite Poetry Review.

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