Dusk Dundler


John asked

before the pizza shop last night philosophy

or spirituality or both like echoes in mind the

exponential and unknowable in philosophy

yes cause and effect of thought rebounds

well trinkets flicker the spiritual seeping

thru such tangental flows there found


had swum down stream to

not let eyes sting curled nail

clippings of cascades and flood bent

thickets lomandra springing below bone

washed basalt and she oak glades silver

ash peeking up eucalypts always stretching

tall hoop pine shades sun breaking grey cloud

casket white light blinding canopy as each

layer of forest wall sways down


standing on a rock after gliding to the

depths of the Nymboida river the out of

self is risen as turpentine scales sweep the surface

held in the midst of the gorge breathing to forget you ever

existed the wind its overpowering shudder comes


Dusk Dundler counted Martin as a mentor after studying under him at University of Technology Sydney. Dusk has produced documentaries for Radio National, and been published in the Griffith Review. Dusk’s poetry is published in Overland and The Prague Revue. He was short-listed for the 2012 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize.

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