Novembre dans le calendrier révolutionnaire Français

Elena Gomez




Care fortune in the midwife

my fleshy inflorescence      is edible.

The airlift: filled with the smoke of dislikes

and caveman from the landslip


Porch. (They have earphones)

caveman. (They have

swollen earphones, especially after a strut . . . )

Manager (. . .) is approaching the identikit,

thought about her earthworm, which is constant

swindle and becomes a clay ‘cauliflower’ of beaks





Caress foul

in the migration

and flick-knife

blooming  grassland,

that is animal ointment


The airman was filled

with the smooch of disorders

and caw from the lanyard

(Malgue, Augustine, 1, 1933, 169).





The gin/peket is a brawl (traditionally grandchildren)

but the Europeans       a neutral alcohol        or canvas,


except for certain applications


flavoured with berries. (Juniperus communis)


This is one of the spectacles of continuation

and the north


He would be the ‘ancestor’ of the girlfriend.

In new Sydney Road  it is called big glacier.



Elena Gomez is a poet and book editor living in Melbourne. Her full-length collection of poetry, Body of Work, was highly commended in the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2019.

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