Nocturne #3

Vahni Capildeo


when I was a child                                       oh, it was sad!

I was round as a balloon

rose like a balloon

floated like a balloon

oh, when I was a child                                so sad!


a balloon in a tree                                         oh, it was glad!

blushing at birds in the tree

light   light   birds

oriole   kiskadee

hopeful balloon in a tree                             foolishly glad!


I married a tree                                             oh, that was hard!

I married it in the night

it changed its nature at night

became   unspeakable   at night

oh my days with a tree                                so hard!


when night covered me                              oh, such deep shade!

when night encaved the tree

enrobed the birds

englobed my soul

oh, when night covered me                        honeycomb shade!

so I slept as a child   hard sad glad           night played


Nocturne #7

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