neither me neither you

Shari Kocher

 (we are each other)


unnamed city streets

in this city of the dead



by wrought iron gates

inside this city of the living


walking the daylight air

such rustlings! and yet

how many faces


(count them)

in the streets of the living

already turned


or turning

to stone


mountains open

and ants and myth


these frail tents

so much is and is

otherwise glinting



ever turning

the head of a pin

to vistas and volumes



but for colour and its



(lifts and whirls!) us by

but for the song

and its long


avenues of shade and stillness

but for what


we carry against

the story

time sequesters

earth delays


Shari Kocher is a poet and doctoral candidate at Melbourne University. Her first book The Non-Sequitur of Snow is forthcoming with Puncher & Wattmann in 2014. Her recent verse novel, Sonqoqui, addresses a feminist reading of archaeological embodiment. She lives in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

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