Morning Light

Hannah Clinton



your pressing nail catching

on the Queen’s ivory shoulder


our fishbowl memories

\scorched and

paddling through cracked eggshell and slick bubbles

in a shallow basin


scorched — the


licks the salt stain


greedy     sheepdog eyes

loving; wet

under the sink you found a mothy web

tossed undercover

at the scene of the incident


and, incidentally

as light rays, striking



a heel-dug ditch

in the embankment

a reprise of a lost traveller

the flinching impress of ivy and barbed wire


Hannah Clinton is a Melbourne based writer and recent Graduate of Monash University. Her poems take the Australian landscape, as both a real and imagined place, as a primary point of inspiration. Her poetry has previously been published in Verge 2013: Becoming.

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