Matisse in Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Blake Everitt


Matisse stands with the weaving perianth

embroidered robin of the orange leaf


calycle wing of colour-canticles –

bring Venus-algae from dark places


to leave the waiting antiphons

combing the air with brushes of light


in dreams of bread and wine

haunted by the Date Palm’s perfect line


the willow-tulip bows its head

leaving its reflection there.


In fuchsia-embers of fugues we breathe.


Matisse stands,

an embroidered lemon-chalice.


Split grains

in mandarin light

the rosé-blossom tide

sings of spring anemones.


The lavender-cantor of hidden ambergris

casts a spell


as the hespera soil receives

its clementine glass of silence.


The lemon-clef dawn

in seraphs of pollen


the cherub-water ripple

of leaves, calm in the broken hourglass.



Blake Everitt (b. 1989) has had poems published in Harbinger Asylum (Texas), Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts (MA), Time of Singing (Pennsylvania), The Poetry VillageBlack Lives Matter UKQuarr Abbey Newsletter, Eye Flash PoetryThe RecusantDead BeatsFriendly Fire Collective (Philadelphia), C.H.S newsletter, the anthology Book of Christian Poems, and The Blue Morphosis by GreenFingers Recordings. He has poems forthcoming in Hawk & Whippoorwill (MA), and The Dawntreader.

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