Martin Harrison Special Issue and Archive

Harrison (c) Peter Minter 2007

photo © Peter Minter 2007

Special Issue in Memory of Martin Harrison, 1949-2014



Stuart Cooke and Peter Minter


cutting down peach trees

Dael Allison

The School of Trees

Richard James Allen

Hymnal/Wild Bees

Judith Beveridge


Margaret Bradstock

Martin at Waddi

Jacqueline Buswell


Chlöe Callistemon

Golden every wych way

Anne M. Carson

Moods (wet dream)

Bonny Cassidy

A Toast to a Saint: Beau Present for Martin Harrison

Dave Drayton


Dusk Dundler

briefly suddenly

Anne Elvey

Death of a Year

Michael Farrell

Vague Bonds

Toby Fitch

The Department

Toby Fitch

I am your reader twice Sur

Juan Garrido-Salgaldo


Phillip Hall

Western Wind

Jill Jones

spring chromatic

Ella O’Keefe

Eco Poetics

Sophia O’Rourke

White-Faced Heron

Allan Padgett


Melody Paloma

Walking man

Brenda Saunders

Nourritures Terrestres

Berndt Sellheim


At Varuna

Leni Shilton


 Late afternoon

Leni Shilton


Justin Wolfers

melting ice

R. D. Wood


R. D. Wood

Articles and Essays

A Martin Harrison ABC“, compiled and transcribed by Stephen Muecke

“‘In a Sense’: Sonic Phenomena, Temporal Scale and Ecological Encounter in Martin Harrison’s ‘White-Tailed Deer’” by Kate Fagan

Nature and Antiquity in the Work of Martin Harrison” by Berndt Sellheim

Poetics, Writing, Thought: Martin Harrison’s Final Appearance, Jason Childs and Deborah Bird Rose, with sound files from the seminar

Some Reflections on the Poetry of Martin Harrison” by Peter Boyle

The Sense of Writing; or Martin Harrison’s Breakfast” by Brenton Lyle

Continuing the Conversation” by Lorraine Shannon

To be continued” by Devin Johnston

Who wants to create, Australia?” by R. D. Wood

Interviews and Conversations

I Wonder If He Has Ever Spoken to Bees: Sentiments to Martin Harrison” by Justin Wolfers and Clare Cholerton

Hands Disappear Into Wood (Rhyming The Dead) Sam Wagan Watson & Melody Paloma (with thanks to the Red Room Company where you can read Sam’s poems) (from 11.41 on the audio file you can hear Sam speak about Martin and some readings by Martin and Sam).

Experimental Prose

lightened spokes” by Dusk Dundler

Photo Essays and Galleries

Spirit Mapping for Martin Harrison: A Photo Essay” by Juno Gemes

Book Reviews

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